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Thornton & Lowe – An Introduction

Thornton & Lowe, established in 2009, was set up to provide professional Tender Writing support.

As a result of our tailored and effective Bid Management service we very quickly began to manage a large volume of clients with a large volume of tenders (PQQs, ITTs, Proposals etc.).

We then required a solution to manage this varied and increasing workload which needed to:

  • Allow us to quickly find our clients’ previous submissions;
  • Allow us to quickly find specific responses within a submission (the extracts or response to questions);
  • Provide the opportunity to manage feedback to ensure continuous improvement; and
  • Provide reassurance that ‘our’ very valuable data is safe.

We began to assess the market to see what was available. We found a high number of ‘proposal creation’ solutions and several very costly extract management/ tender library systems. We took the decision to design our own – ‘Thornton & Lowe Tender Library’:

An efficient tender management system – making information easily accessible, ensuring continuous improvement, and providing Bid Management continuity planning (ensuring all information is not solely with an individual or team).

We quickly realised we were not the only people having this problem…