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The Solution

For organisations who regularly tender and bid for work, managing their information effectively is essential. We speak to many companies who end up with a huge amount of information in hundreds of different files.

Our clients now have a solution.

They can instantly find any response from any previous submission with the click of a button and without having to go into the whole document.

For example:


You are working to a tight deadline. You are working on a question which you know you have answered before for a similar contract. Rather than having to redevelop it you spend time searching for that question within the last 10, 20 proposals (PQQs, ITTs) you have completed each of which are over 100 pages. After 30 minutes of searching you find it! You then realise you did not win that contract and you are not sure how the specific response scored.


Our Tender Library ensures you can instantly find the closest match, see how it scored, and see if it was successful, along with any comments for improvements from the feedback given. If you have a poor scoring response or section this is noted within the system to ensure the whole team knows work is required in this section going forward. Ensuring consistency and joined-up working across organisations is another key benefit.

You can search by keywords or terms, filter by question type, filter by the exact question, the client type or anything specific to your organisation. You can instantly read through all your highest scoring responses for a particular area, for example contract management. You can then filter this down to just Housing Associations (or any particular sector), or/and the supply of a specific service, or/and a specific phrase, e.g. value for money.

For example, you are completing a tender or PQQ for a Housing Association TV Aerial Maintenance contract. You can instantly search for any similar responses you have developed and read through the whole document. You can filter by document type/stage, client type and service to find the most appropriate document. Or, if you are working on a specific question, you may just want to see if you have answered something similar before, for example, contract management and achieving value for money for a contract like this. You can search just for this specific question (or use the filter system), see how it scored and see if you can use it.


Our system saves vital time, ensures you work as efficiently as possible, keeps the information within a centrally accessible area (with user restrictions), as well supporting continued and increased success as you are spending time adding value, tailoring and improving the information – rather than finding it.