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What Could It Look Like For You?

It is important to note that our Tender Library will be bespoke to your company. If you require a specific search, or a CRM function for example this can be built in. If you have a requirement 99% of the time our response will be ‘yes’ or we will have a comparable solution. We will need to build in programming time but we will be able to do it. This was an essential requirement when we were developing the system.

This is how it looks now (this will be in your branding)

Search Screen

The first screen that is displayed above allows you to search on multiple fields, e.g. Contracting Authority and Industry.

Search Term box

The Search Term box allows you to retrieve all extracts related to specific key words, e.g. ‘value for money’, ‘added value’, ‘health & safety’, ‘contract management’.

Each time you enter a key word in the Search Term box, the system saves the key word so it will appear as a recommendation when you start to type something beginning with the same letter, as illustrated above.

Example Search

Entering ‘contract management’ into the Search Term box and clicking on the Submit button will produce the screen below:

Once you have entered your search criteria, in this case, contract management, the relevant extracts to match this search term will be displayed, as shown above. You can then scroll down the main page to view each extract or scroll within each extract to select the text you want. The top right hand corner shows whether the tender was successful or not and also the rating (out of 10) for the extract. The bottom left hand corner displays the Industry and Contracting Authority, e.g. Construction and Manchester City Council respectively, that the extract relates to. This helps you to choose the extract that best fits the contract you are tendering for.

And more…

Our system also has a built in:

Tender Manager, which allows you to:

  • Have a clear dashboard to see where all your tenders are up to
  • Who’s working on them
  • You can assign tasks
  • Get email alerts
  • Monitor deadlines and
  • Results.

File Repository, ensuring only the most up to date company documentation is accessible to staff completing PQQs and tenders. This is usually for policies, procedures, insurance certificates, risk assessments, CVs etc.

It ensures the company consistency and compliance.